World War 1 Allies

World War I was known as the Great War that killed millions in a short four year span from 1914 to 1918. World War 1 was compromised of two distinct groups, the Allies and the Central Powers. The Allies had far more countries as part of their group, but the Central Powers had more power in terms of military equipment. Germany, Austria, Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria made up for the Central Powers. The war was a direct result of the US beginning its actions against what Germany had done. Germany had violated US laws concerning international shipments and they went to war. On the other side of the country, Russia went against war with Germany for a number of different reasons.

How Were the Allied Powers Formed?

Russian poster depicting the Triple Entente

Russian poster depicting the Triple Entente

What led to the formation of the Allies was the assassination of the Archduke of Austria. Along with this major cause, several other political reasons were brought up as a result of World War I. The Allies made up more than forty-nine million troops from more than twelve different nations across the world. Even though there were twelve different countries that were part of the allies, only three countries were the main nations that were in the fight. The three main nations were France, United Kingdom and the Russian Empire. The other smaller countries were Romania, Greece, Serbia and Belgium. The US officially declared the war against Germany, since Germany violated the terms on international shipments.

What Role Did the United States Play in the Allied Powers?

The United States wasn’t part of the elite allies, but rather an associated power. They established this difference before the war started between the Central Powers and Allies, as this would cause foreign war issues. What was ironic about World War I was that the Ottoman Empire had relations with United States and it went to war against each other. The official name for the allies was the Triple Entente. The Triple Entente was three main powers composed of Russia, France and UK. On July 28, 1914 the war began with the invasion of Serbia. The invasion of Serbia came about as a direct result of the assassination of the archduke of Austria. As the war progressed, the United States direct involvement militarily on the Western Front would provide the catalyst required to bring the Central Powers to the negotiating table, however, after the significant number of casualties seen on both sides of the war.

World War 1 Allies Map

WW1 Allies Map

Depicted in Green: Entente and Allies (some entered the war or dropped out later)

What Type of Support Did the Allied Powers Receive?

The Allied powers had a lot of troops and financial support from a dozen countries around the world. On top of the support from the European countries, the United States sent in troops and military equipment as well. During the four year period of World War I, many new artilleries and military equipment were invented and shipped to the war sites. New type of security provisions were invented such as trenches and trench lines. The Allies that lost the most number of soldiers were Australia, France, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia and United Kingdom. There were other allies that declared war against the Central Powers, but had no military responsibility or liability. This included Cuba, China and Mexico.

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